Your puppy will go home with a Puppy Packet folder which includes:

*Your puppy will be AKC registered (included with the price of your puppy)

You will need to decide on your puppy's full registered name on or before the the time you pick up your puppy. Example: 'Alana' or a longer name such as 'Angel Light Careless Whisper Alana'. We will register your puppy with the name you chose after the full payment has been received. Then, AKC will send you the certificate.

* A copy of their 3-generation pedigree

*Sample of NuVet vitamins if not purchased ahead of time 

Note: Your puppy will be getting one NuVet wafer a day. We highly recommend continuing this as it is an excellent health supplement. Click here for more information.

*Small bag of puppy food (Fromm Puppy Food) if not purchased ahead of time.

*One year genetic health guarantee/sales agreement  

*Health record of your puppy's 1st vaccination, and de-worming. 

Note: Puppies are also given a preventative for Giardia and Coccidia. We de-worm our puppies every 2 weeks with Safeguard or Nemex.  

*A small blanket with the scent of your puppy's siblings and/or dam.

*We will  also send you an e-mail that includes information regarding crate training, house training, grooming supplies we recommend and more! 

**We are always happy to answer questions you may have, and we hope you enjoy your puppy for years to come. Properly training and socializing a puppy is a lot of work, but also fun. Keep your training sessions short and spaced out with plenty of treats and a positive attitude! We highly recommend enrolling your puppy in Obedience Classes. This will be a tremendous help to teach your puppy to be a respectable canine.

  If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to contact us at We usually respond to e-mails within 12 hours or less, Monday-Saturday.