Laska - Matuesh x Tasha's litter 2015

Thank you Deer Creek Goldens! It has been a great experience working with you, in the search for a perfect puppy for our family.  From the information on your website, to phone calls back and forth with Sarah, to quick responses to our email questions, you have been consistently prompt and thorough with your answers.  We appreciated the updated pictures and notes about the puppy as we waited for the pickup date to arrive.  We are having a great time with Laska and look forward to many happy years ahead.  Thank you.  

Wayne and Lynda Fiebelkorn

Reba - Bode x Umka's litter 2015

“It’s been three weeks since we picked Reba up from Deer Creek and we couldn’t be happier with her.  She is an extremely happy, healthy and energetic white ball of cotton. We can already tell that as she gets a little older she is going to be very calm. Reba is also quickly becoming the celebrity of our neighborhood because whenever we walk her people come up to us to see her and comment on how beautiful she is. The process of adopting a puppy from Deer Creek couldn’t be better. All of our questions were answered quickly and to our satisfaction and it is obvious that the Newswanger family really spends a lot of time with these puppies before they are adopted. In the not too distant future, we are going to adopt another Golden Retriever and when we are ready we will not hesitate to go back to Deer Creek. Thank you so much for letting us bring this beautiful little pup into  our lives. She is bringing us a lot of joy.”

Steven Kratz

Bella - Casper x Fanta's litter 2015

Bella is doing wonderful! We are so happy with her and the whole experience. You made things real easy with the frequent updates and pictures. I have been asked many times where we got Bella and I always give them your website. She is so quick to learn things and listens very well. We love her so much! We have received so many compliments on her. There are not many English Cream Goldens in this area. Thank you for contacting us, we will keep you posted!

Debra Beaudette

Stardust - Casper x Fanta's litter 2015

Hi Sarah,

I can’t believe I’ve had Stardust for a month and that tomorrow she will be 3 months old!  From day 1, she has had the most winsome personality.  She is bright, alert and attentive, eager to please, playful, yet also a good cuddler.  She is already housebroken, going to the door when she needs to go potty. The ease with housebreaking shows the great start she had in a clean litter area at your place.  She is inquisitive and curious, not at all fearful.  She quickly learned when to play with my 6 year old golden, and when to respect her need to be left alone.

  She also plays well quietly by herself.  Amazingly, she has only chewed on her toys, and leaves other objects alone. She already knows the words “outside”, “inside”’, “sit”,  “down”, and, of course, “no”. She has bonded quickly with me reflecting the good socialization received as a very young puppy at Deer Creek. I couldn’t be more pleased.  I would highly recommend a puppy from Deer Creek and will be a return customer myself in the future. Thanks so much for giving her such a great start!!   Below, are a couple of current pictures.

Mary Glenn

Sophie - Bode x Lilly's litter 2015

We are so delighted with our new puppy Sophie. She has a wonderful calm temperament and so fun loving and inquisitive.  We are amazed how long she is willing to let us hold her- even at 11 weeks. Clearly she was handled and played with a lot as a small puppy. She learned to sit almost immediately and she continues to amaze us on how quickly she is learning. Our experience with Deer Creek has been stellar. Phone calls and emails have been returned promptly. We went to visit our puppy before we paid our deposit  and was so impressed how immaculate the property was as well as how quiet and well behaved  the dogs were as we pulled up the long drive on this gorgeous Iowa farm. I would highly recommend this breeder. 

Connie Hippee

Percy - Bode x Fanta's litter 2014

Percy is doing great!! He loves spending time at the lake on our houseboat & playing with Millie in the yard :-) Our neighbors have an English Lab the same age that comes over to play a lot.  He likes water, but prefers not to swim.  Just likes to splash around and put his head in the water.  He is now over 77 lbs at 9 months old!!  We get many compliments on his temperament!  He is very mellow and was very easy to train.  One friend said that we have a 10 year old puppy as calm & well behaved he is.  Very much the easiest dog we have trained.  You guys do a great job with your puppies and he has definitely been a wonderful addition to our family!!  

Pam Eliff

Dagger - Roman x Cami's litter 2013


 We can't imagine life without Dagger.  He's healthy, fit, and happy.  He's our favorite hiking buddy, and he realized this spring that he was engineered for water.  His daily mission is to keep tabs on the local squirrels.  Here are a couple of pics...

Matt Long

Savannah - Roman x Cami's litter 2013

We can’t believe we have had Savannah for almost 2 weeks! It seems she has already grown so much.                                                                       We have just loved having her. Her temperament is fantastic. She is so loving and sweet. And you                                                                               can just look at your dogs to know how beautiful they are and she is that beautiful! Everyone that                                                                               sees her comments on that one thing. We are trying to housebreak her and get her used to the crate.                                                                     That just takes time. She loves our backyard and so far hasn’t found a leaf she didn’t like! She comes                                                                            to the office with me Mon, Wed, and Fri and the patients love her. It’s a great way to socialize her.                                                                                     I keep our grandkids (2 and 4 years old) on Tuesdays and she loves them! Our son has a 9 year old                                                                        Lab that she constantly wants to play with. They are both worn out on Tuesdays. It’s amazing how                                                                             she has adapted to all three places. She is such a smart dog and so eager to please which helps with                                                                            the training process. We LOVE this breed and are so thankful that we got her. We’ve never had a                                                                                large dog, so she is perfect for learning how to take care of a larger breed. Thank you for doing so                                                                               much to help us in getting her. We had never bought a dog through the Internet, so we were unsure                                                                          of what to expect. Y’all were amazingly easy to work with and never got tired (I think) of all my                                                                        questions. She was everything and more than what we expected. It was a perfect experience and we                                                                         thank God for her.

David and Ladye Newby

Caesar - Roman x Eve's litter 2013

Caesar has grown up to be quite the handsome boy but he’s in need of a friend to play with.  He’s absolutely beautiful and I get comments on how gorgeous he is every day.  Probably the smartest dog I’ve ever known and so easy to train.  I don’t know what I’d do without him honestly. He’s my whole world.  I’ve attached a couple pictures of him and feel free to use them If you ever want to show him off. 

Dave Schiele

Hunter - Rambo x Eve's litter 2012

I would highly recommend purchasing a puppy from Deer Creek Goldens.  When I first                                                                                        contacted them, inquiring about a full English creme male puppy, I had already done my                                                                                      research about their dogs and the pedigrees and both the dam and the sire passed my high                                                                                   standards for pedigrees-their dogs came from high quality European lines and the pedigrees                                                                                  were clean (no close breeding or in breeding). I totally loved the looks of their sire and I was                                                                                         also happy with the looks of the dam.  I had never purchased a puppy sight unseen or had one                                                                                      shipped so I was very skeptical about buying in this type of situation-I had always visited a                                                                                               kennel personally and chosen the puppy that I wanted to purchase and then gone back to pick                                                                                      the puppy up in person when it was time for it to go to it's forever home. I could not find a                                                                                        kennel within driving distance that offered what I was looking for so I decided to try something                                                                                out of my comfort zone.

Sharon was very helpful and patient with me and all of my questions-she helped ease some of                                                                                      my doubts and put up with the many, many questions I had.  Even after I had decided that I so                                                                                    wanted one of her male puppies, I was still uncomfortable with my decision but decided to go                                                                                       for it.  Sharon emailed me photos weekly of the puppy I had chosen.  It was a very good decision-my little Hunter arrived exactly as she told me he would.  He was in excellent health, he was a very happy and gentle puppy, did not seem overly stressed by the long trip from Iowa to Vermont and we bonded instantly. I could not have been more pleased.

He has been everything that I had hoped he would be, very well behaved, gets along well with the rest of my dogs, I can take him anywhere with me and he gets compliments on what a gorgeous boy he is.  I am very confident that he will make a wonderful sire to my future puppies.

If you would like to contact me personally for a recommendation, I would be happy to comply.  My website is

Pat Jacobs

Max - Rambo x Gracie's litter 2012

I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how Max is doing at 11 weeks old and tell you                                                                             and your family thank you for everything.  Max is fitting in in Idaho quite well.  He is a great                                                                                         addition to our family.  We lost our 10 year old golden retriever to cancer earlier this year and                                                                                      thought it would be so difficult to love another dog as much as we loved our last one.  Max has                                                                                       proven us wrong.  He has brought a lot of activity and happiness to our family.  We have a 5 year                                                                                old daughter and he is great with her.  I can tell he played with a lot of kids before he arrived in                                                                                    Idaho.  He goes to the park with us and loves to chase her back and forth as she swings on the                                                                                       swings.  He also took a ride with her in her Barbie Powerwheels, it is really cute, I have attached                                                                                 a picture of the 2 of them together.  

 Numerous people have commented what a good puppy he is.  Don’t get me wrong, he has his puppy                                                                         moments, but that is what makes having a puppy so much fun.  Nearly everyone we encounter with                                                                          Max comments on how beautiful he is.  People we have never met before pull over from driving down the street and ask what kind of dog he is and how old he is and say he is gorgeous.  After 2 trips to the vet for shots and a check up, the vet said he is doing great and is very healthy.  You and your family do a wonderful job with these puppies.  I have already had 2 people ask me to forward on your website link.  So, don't be surprised if you get some inquiries from other people in Idaho.  Thanks again for everything.


Rusty and Robin Evans

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