We are often asked 'What should I feed my puppy?' or 'What food would you recommend', which is a very good question! There are many dog foods out there that are NOT what you should feed your puppy, and while you may think all pet companies have your pet's best interest in mind, it is shocking for some when you realize what some of these pet food brands contain.

Our first food that we recommend to feed your puppy is Fromm Gold Large Breed puppy food. Your puppy will be on this food when he leaves our home at 8 weeks. Once your puppy is 9-12 months you will need to switch to either Fromm Four Star Nutritionals, or Fromm Gold Large Breed adult dog food. We also highly recommend Taste of the Wild High Prairie or Wetlands, and Orijen which are both high quality foods as well. If you will not be feeding any of these brands to your puppy, we ask that you feed your puppy a food that is rated at least 4 star or above on dogfoodadvisor.com. All of these foods mentioned above can be purchased on www.chewy.com, with very reasonable prices and Free Shipping on qualified orders.

We also add raw chicken to our dogs diet and they also love to chew on raw bones from our local butcher shop. They help keep their teeth clean and our dogs LOVE them!