We are a Christian family living on a small acreage in the beautiful, rolling hills of Iowa. We first saw the English Golden Retrievers in 2011 and after much research decided to start raising these beautiful dogs in 2012. Since then, we have worked hard to improve our breeding program to only breeding dogs that have been screened for genetic health issues, have good conformation, friendly, sweet temperaments and imported champion bloodlines. 

 The above picture is our family in 2015. Earl (Dad) and Susan (Mom) and our 8 children. 

Our oldest son, Jonathan, is married to Lucinda Beachy and they have two sweet children, Melissa and Nathaniel. 

Our oldest daughter, Sharon, is married to Kenrick Zook and they have one sweet daughter, Jenica.

Susan, Sarah (21), Susanna (19), Emily (16) and Esther (15), all work together with the various aspects of caring for the dogs and raising and selling the puppies. It's a family effort and has been a wonderful way for Mom and the girls to work together. 

Earl and the boys have a window installation business and also buy and sell trucks to rebuild.

Our dogs come from European bloodlines and make wonderful, loving companions. All of our dogs have health clearances done to screen out potential genetic issues. With a 2 acre fenced in meadow, our dogs have plenty of room to exercise and enjoy the sunshine.

English Golden Retrievers are an excellent choice for a beautiful, enthusiastic, trustworthy companion. Friendly and active, gentle and easy to train, these characteristics describe a well bred English Golden Retriever.

 We would be happy to help if you are looking to add a new puppy to your family or if you have questions about the breed. Please visit our FAQ page or contact us with any questions!

Sincerely, The Newswanger Family